Re-Enrollment Guide

Re-Enrollment with Northgate Academy

Looking to re-enroll? We’ll walk you through the process. Start with the video below.

How would you like to re-enroll?

Read each description carefully to determine which enrollment method you need to follow.

Submitting a Re-enrollment Request

If your previous enrollment was through our new system, then you can start the re-enrollment process by submitting a re-enrollment request using the button below. 

How To Submit A Re-Enrollment Request

Enroll in a New Program

If you’re planning to enroll in a new program or your original enrollment was through our older system, you will need to complete an enrollment through the new or updated program.

How to Enroll in a New Program

Adding a Course to a Part-Time Enrollment

If you want to add a course to your part-time enrollment, you can let us know by sending a Help Desk Ticket and we’ll set up your payment for you.

How to Submit a Help Desk Ticket

How do you know if your enrollment is through our older system?


One quick and easy way is to check your program name. If your program looked like this, you were enrolled in the older system

Notice the A- at the beginning of the program name.

If your program looked like this, you were enrolled in the new program. You can click here to learn how to submit a re-enrollment request.

If you have finished your courses, you will need to find your program in your prior enrollments. Learn how to view your prior enrollments here.

Online Homeschool From Northgate Academy

New tuition pricing for Standard High School students is only $169 per month.