How To Enroll In A New Program

Step 1

Log into your LearnStage account and select “Available Programs” from the main menu on the left.

Step 2

Locate your desired program and select “Enroll Now”.

Step 3

One the next page, select the “Make Payment” button to make your payment.

Step 4

Once you have made your payment, you will be brought back to your account. Select Dashboard (yellow) and Course Details (orange) to view your courses.

Step 5

Scroll down to locate the Courses tab and view the course selection page. Select your courses and click Submit. Read the Course Selection Information below before submitting your course selection.

Course Selection Information

While selecting your courses, please utilize the Course Selection Guides below and remember this key information:

  1. You cannot retake a course that you have already passed
  2. You need to select 6 Credits (1 ENG, 1 MAT, 1 SCI, 1 SOC, 2 ELC)
  3. It is you responsibility to ensure you/your student is placed in the correct courses. Please contact the school with any questions about your class selection.

Course Selection Guide

Click here to enlarge

NOTE: If you have been issued a class from Northgate Academy that you have already earned credit in, you will be removed from that class if your official transcript shows the credit earned.

Once you submit your course selection, your courses will become available immediately. If your courses require any additional textbooks, they are typically available within 48 hours. 

You may be contacted by a support specialist to discuss any necessary changes to your courses.

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