Northgate Academy prides itself on providing affordable tuition and low monthly payment options.

There are no hidden fees. All digital textbooks, hard-copy textbooks, instruction, tutoring, and graduation items are included. 

Full-time enrollment for our traditional (9-12) (age 14-18) high school diploma is just $ 1490 per school year; or $ 149 per month on the installment plan. Our pricing is all-inclusive. There are no extra or hidden fees. Online tutoring through is included a no additional cost.

Enrollment for our adult high school diploma (age 18+) is only $ 999 or $ 99 per month on the installment plan, for the complete adult high school program. Our pricing is all-inclusive for all grade levels and materials.

Individual credit recovery or summer school standard courses are priced at $ 199 flat fee.

Prices included everything you need for your courses. There are no additional or hidden fees. We have an affordable solution for you. Questions? Please call us today at 800-339-7132. You may review the tuition agreement by Clicking Here.

Click Here to Read the 2020-21 Enrollment Agreement


Why is there tuition to attend Northgate Academy? As a private school, Northgate Academy does not receive funding from the government. The average public school receives about $ 10,000+ per student, per school year.  Northgate Academy has most of the same expenses as a traditional school, but we are able to deliver a high-quality education at a fraction of the cost. Northgate offers rigorous online courses for families seeking a curriculum that is rooted in Christian values and taught from a Christian worldview. We believe that our tuition is a great value for families and adults seeking a nationally recognized high school diploma.

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Traditional High School - Ages 14 - 18

$ 149

Per Month

  • All inclusive
  • No extra or hidden fees
  • Over 60+ courses available
  • Online tutoring included
  • $149/month installment plan available.
  • Fully accredited and nationally recognized

Adult High School Diploma - Ages 18+

$ 99.90

Per Month

  • All-inclusive
  • No extra or hidden fees
  • Designed for Adult learners
  • Excellent academic support
  • $99/month installment plan available.
  • Fully accredited and nationally reconized

Online Summer School - Credit Recovery

$ 199

Per Course

  • Summer school – credit recovery courses online
  • Make-up credits & graduate on time
  • No extra or hidden fees (flat fee all-inclusive)
  • Fully accredited and nationally recognized
  • Flexible online platform. Complete courses are your own pace