High School Online For Military Students

First of all, thank you for the service and sacrifice that you and your family are making for our Country. Our Military is what makes America the greatest nation on God’s green earth. Military families are often faced with frequent deployments, which can be difficult to ensure consistency with their child’s education. Northgate Academy recognizes that adjusting to a new school can be difficult, so we have developed online high school programs to help make the transition process a little less stressful for your family.

With our self-paced, flexible, online courses, Northgate Academy gives you complete control over your child’s education. All you need is an Internet connection and the desire to learn.

Why Choose Northgate Academy?

When you enroll your child at Northgate Academy’s online high school prorgam, you can be sure that your child will receive a high-quality education from a leader in distance learning. For over 13-years, Excel Education Systems has served over 10,000 students worldwide.

Northgate Academy can be a temporary solution for transition, or a long-term option for your child to complete their high school diploma. Our credits will transfer back into your home school district. Graduates from Northgate Academy are widely accepted by colleges and universities all over the world.

Questions about enrollment? Call us today at 800-339-7132  or send us a direct message through our online chat. 

We are excited to have your child as a student.


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