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Northgate Academy is Homeschool Friendly.

At Northgate Academy, we warmly welcome homeschool families. If you have decided to homeschool your child, we know that you had a great reason for doing so. Perhaps your beliefs do not line up with those of the public school system, maybe your child suffers from bullying or social anxiety, or maybe you just prefer to have more control over your child’s education. For whatever reason you have decided to educate your child at home, Northgate Academy is a great choice. 

Graduates of Northgate Academy are issued a Fully Accredited High School Diploma. 

Northgate Academy will accept most homeschool credits via portfolio, assessment, and transcript review, as well as completion of the NGA HSA online exam. We will work hard to help you transfer your homeschool credits to our school.

Why homeschool with Northgate? Northgate Academy is a part of the Excel Education Systems School System. EES is an independent school system located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, serving students nationwide and worldwide with high quality, online high school options. Our diplomas and credits are accepted by other schools, public and private; as well as employers, colleges, and the US Military.

As a parent, you are able to take control of your child’s education, while partnering with one of the nation’s most respected school systems. Parents appreciate the support and flexibility that you will receive with our school. Parents also appreciate the value of giving their child a Christian-based, world-class, high school education.

What sets Northgate Academy apart from other online schools? First, Northgate Academy is highly dedicated to our students and families. We strive to offer exceptional education support services to our students’ and families. Ensuring that your child receives a quality Christian education is paramount for us. In all that we do as a staff, we strive to bring glory to God by helping to raise up the next.

Homeschool credits awarded as transfer credit must be earned after completion of 8th grade. Up to 1 credit of math at Algebra 1 (high school equivalent) or higher, taken prior to completion of 8th grade, maybe awarded upon receipt of an official transcript/school record from a qualified homeschool.

Northgate Academy is the winner of the Top 100 Educational resources of 2019. is one of the nation’s largest and most well-respected Homeschool organizations.

NGA Homeschool Transfer Credit Policy

Northgate Academy will transfer a maximum of fourteen (14) homeschool core credits under certain conditions. Documentation of the credits and completion of the online HSA (Homeschool Assessment) exam is required for a homeschool credit analysis to be complete. Acceptable forms of documentation include an official transcript, scope and sequence, and/or a portfolio. Northgate Academy will accept homeschool credits earned through a qualified curriculum provider or homeschool organization.

Northgate Academy awards credit in one-credit (180 hours) or half-credit (90- hours) increments.

Additional Provisions:

• Only one (1) credit will be awarded for Health/PE.
• A maximum of one (1) credit will be awarded for Fine Arts or Humanities.
• No credit will be awarded for Driver Education courses.
• Northgate Academy will issue credit for courses taken at a qualified homeschool once the official transcript and/or a portfolio has been received, audited, and the online HSA exam(s) are complete. All online HSA exams are remotely proctored. The fee for the HSA is $ 25 per assessment.

A partial list of qualified homeschool curriculum providers that may transfer to Northgate Academy include:

  • A Beka Academy
  • Monarch by AO
  • Switched on Schoolhouse
  • A+ Interactive Math
  • time4learning
  • BrainPOP
  • Enchanted Learning
  • Reading Eggs
  • RAZ Kids
  • Time4writing
  • Bob Jones University Press
  • Oak Meadow
  • Alpha Omega
  • Global Student Network

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