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Empowering Champions: Tailored Education For Student-Athletes & Performers

Accredited Online High School Programs

Empower your athletic or artistic journey with flexible online learning at Northgate Academy. Get started today for only $190 per month!

Northgate Academy’s online high school programs offer student-athletes and career professionals the flexibility to learn online while pursuing their careers. Our homeschool curriculum is specifically designed to meet the individual learning styles of student athletes. Our online homeschool high school courses are mobile and flexible so your child can study anywhere or anytime.

Why Choose Northgate Academy for your athlete or performer?

  • Online learning is 100% self-paced
  • English and Math courses are based on National and State Standards
  • We accept transfer credits
  • Get unlimited counseling and academic support
  • Earn a high school diploma for future employment and educational opportunities.

Whether your child’s professional career or athletic training is just beginning or well underway, Northgate Academy’s online high school program is perfect for homeschool students. It equips students with the essential tools and resources to excel in their academic and personal pursuits.

100% Online Program

Our online programs are 100% self paced for maximum convenience and flexibility.

Accredited by Cognia & MSA-CESS

All of our online programs are recognized by colleges, employers, and the government.

Flexible Learning Environment

Enjoy the freedom to learn at your own pace, from anywhere, with 24/7 access to courses.

Affordable Monthly Payments

Affordable tuition of $1690 per year can be paid by the semester or through 10 easy monthly installments of $169. Choose the payment option that best suits your budget

Northgate Academy’s homeschool curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to support the dynamic lifestyles of student-athletes and performers. By integrating both state and national standards, we offer an enriched learning experience that promotes flexibility, allowing students to manage their demanding schedules while progressing academically.

Our self-paced learning model aligns perfectly with the ever-changing calendars of athletes and artists. Advanced math and science courses, combined with comprehensive English and social studies modules, ensure students build foundational skills while being able to balance their training or practice routines. Furthermore, our emphasis on foreign language proficiency and fine arts engagement cultivates a well-rounded education tailored to the specific needs of busy students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Northgate Academy is fully accredited by Cognia and the Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools. This means that the education your child earns with us is recognized by colleges, universities, employers, and the U.S. Military.

Northgate Academy offers a fully online, self-paced learning environment, allowing student-athletes and performers the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere. This means they can easily balance their academic responsibilities with their training, rehearsals, and competitions.

Absolutely! Northgate Academy accepts transfer credits, making it easier for student-athletes and performers who have previously attended other schools to continue their education without losing progress. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with demanding schedules and frequent travel.

Student-athletes and performers have access to unlimited counseling and academic support, ensuring they receive the guidance needed for their educational journey. Online tutoring is also available to all students at no additional charge.

Getting Started At Northgate Academy Is Easy!

Step 1: Begin The Enrollment Process

Interested students 14 years or older can enroll online and start immediately.

Click the enroll now button below or in the top right corner of our website to head to our Student Information System, called Learn Stage. 

Enroll NowNov 09, 2017

Step 2: Create Your Learn Stage Account

Next, you'll be asked to create your student account. This starts by entering a valid email address and choosing a secure password. Next, you'll enter essential information, such as your full name, address, and date of birth. On the last page, you will choose your security question. 

Nov 09, 2017

Step 3: Submit Payment

Single course options at Northgate Academy are priced at an affordable $225 each. This gives students the flexibility needed to make our programs work for them.

Nov 09, 2017

Step 4: You're Ready To Start!

That's it! You're ready to get started. If you are choosing the College Prep Curriculum, please reach out to our admissions team by calling (800) 339-7132 or using the chatbot in the lower right hand corner of our website. The team at Northgate Academy walks with your every step of the way.

Nov 09, 2017

Accredited Online High School Programs

Empower your athletic or artistic journey with flexible online learning at Northgate Academy. Get started today for only $169 per month!