Frequently Asked Questions

At Northgate Academy, we are pleased to offer open enrollment and fast access to your online courses. Students will generally have course access within a few hours after enrollment. Courses are available almost immediately after enrollment. Northgate Academy uses digital textbooks for all courses, so there is no need for us to ship hardcopy textbooks. You will always have access to online Homeschool courses the same or next business day.

Northgate Academy is an accredited online high school. Northgate Academy is regionally accredited by Cognia, the parent organization of the North Central Association CASI, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools CASI, and the Northwest Accrediting Commission. NGA’s accrediting agency is recognized by the State and U.S. Department of Education. Northgate’s credits and diplomas are recognized by other schools, colleges, employers, and the US Military.

Cognia is a nationally recognized accrediting agency dedicated to advancing excellence in education worldwide. Cognia provides accreditation, research, and professional services to 34,000 schools and school systems—employing more than four million educators and enrolling more than 20 million students—across the United States and 70 other nations.

Parents and interested community members can learn more about the Cognia Accreditation Process at

Northgate Academy is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The Middle States Association is a worldwide leader in accreditation and school improvement. For over 125 years, Middle States has been helping school leaders establish and reach their goals, develop strategic plans, promote staff development and advance student achievement. Stakeholders can learn more at

Graduating from a legitimate and recognized high school has significant benefits. The main benefit is that your high school diploma and credits earned will be recognized by schools, colleges, universities, and employers across the nation. You can be confident that once you graduate, you will be proud to have a recognized and legitimate high school diploma.

Credits earned at our school are transferable to other public and private high schools. Northgate Academy is fully accredited. Acceptance of transfer credits is always up to the receiving institution.

Yes, we will transfer credits from State recognized accredited public and private high schools and colleges. Please Click Here for the credit transfer policy.

No, we are a high school and we offer an official high school diploma. A GED® test credential or other equivalency programs cannot be earned online. If you are in need of a GED® test credential, you should check with your State Department of Education. 

You may wish to consider our Adult High School Diploma program which offers several advantages over a GED. Firstly, our program provides a genuine high school diploma, which can carry more weight with employers and educational institutions than a GED. Additionally, the financial flexibility we offer is unparalleled: students pay only $99 per month, regardless of the duration of their studies. This means if you’re only a few credits short, you can get your diploma quickly and potentially for just a few hundred dollars. It’s an affordable, credible, and flexible path to achieving your educational goals.

Click here to learn more about our Adult High School Diploma program. 

Yes, all of our courses and programs are completed entirely online. All course materials textbooks, video lectures, quizzes, tests, writing projects, etc. are accessed 100% online. *Please note that some courses may require a hard-copy textbook, which would be shipped to the student at no cost.

Yes. Our curriculum is designed to allow you to progress at a pace that is right for you. Students are able to work ahead or take more time as needed in their courses.

Yes. Our courses are accessible to students from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection. Our courses can even be conveniently accessed from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

The time it takes to finish an online high school program depends on the program you choose and the number of hours you are able to study each week. In other words, it’s up to you how fast you want to move through the program. You set your own pace. We find that high school students typically complete a school year within 6-8 months. High school-aged students generally follow a traditional school calendar year. Adults tend to move at a slightly faster pace.

Our courses are very interactive and engaging. Our courses are created by subject matter experts and are aligned with national standards. Please click here for a demo or contact the school office for admissions assistance.

Yes, we have a highly qualified staff available to help you. Students are able to connect with academic support via online support ticket, phone, text and chat for support. Full-time, high school age students have access to success coaches and tutors during normal school hours to tackle difficult course material. 

Simply contact the school to get connected with our support team by submitting an online support ticket or by calling/text toll-free: (800) 339-7132 or 
local: (763) 412-4701. 

Your official high school diploma and official transcripts will be mailed to you within 1-2 weeks after you graduate.

Parents know their child better than anyone else. Northgate Academy provides all of the tools necessary for students to enjoy an engaging high school experience. We do recommend that parents play an active role in supporting their child. Parents are provided parent access to the Canvas LMS to review assignments and grades in real-time. Parents have instant access to course progress.

Students enrolling in Northgate Academy’s Online High School Diploma program must be age 14 or older. Northgate Academy also offers an adult high school diploma for students age 18+. We are here to serve all students and provide those in need with quality, Christian-based high school education.

Yes! Teens and adults of all ages from anywhere in the world can enroll in Northgate Academy. We serve students in many nations with an affordable high school diploma.

Students must be age 14 and have completed 8th grade to enroll at Northgate Academy. For adults, there are no age limits at Northgate Academy. Our programs are open to students of all ages, including adults. You are never too old to earn a high school diploma.

Enrollment is fast and easy. Simply choose your program, complete the online enrollment, make your initial tuition payment. Once enrolled, you will be given course access within hours. CLICK HERE to Enroll

You can start immediately and there is no deadline for enrollment. We offer rolling enrollment so you can complete the online enrollment form and start today if you wish. Enrollment is available online 24/7. We enroll students year-round, including summers.

Yes, we have year-round, open enrollment which allows you to enroll at any time it is convenient for you.

Yes, on a part-time basis. If you plan to attend Northgate Academy and your local public school concurrently, you must communicate your intention with your current school’s administration, such as your school counselor, principal, or registrar for course planning purposes. Students are not permitted to be enrolled full time at two schools simultaneously.

Yes! Northgate Academy accepts students from all over the world. We currently serve students in over 50-nations. We find that our international students enjoy the benefit of earning an American High School Diploma.

Northgate Academy accepts transfer credits from other accredited and recognized high schools from around the world. Please Click Here to learn more about transferring credits from other countries.

The cost varies from program to program. Please refer to the tuition page for more information. Our standard (9-12) high school diploma is $1690 per school year. We offer monthly payment plans of $169. Credit Recovery or summer school courses are only $ 199 each. The adult high school program is $99 per month. You will likely find that Northgate Academy is one of the more affordable online schools. Don’t let the lower price fool you. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality services at affordable prices. As a larger online school district, with thousands of students, we are able to keep our prices low.

Our refund policy is very simple. Students have 10-days to test-drive our program. Students wishing to drop within 10-days will be issued a full refund. Once the 10-days have passed, we will not issue a refund. Please read the enrollment agreement before enrolling. We will provide exceptional counseling services, and demo courses access, to assists families with the decision-making process as to whether Northgate is a good fit.

Each program offered has different graduation requirements. Northgate Academy offers a 21.5 standard high school diploma and a 24 credit advanced diploma. Our graduation requirements are aligned with State Department of Education standards.

Any form of academic dishonesty is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The school will respond vigorously to all violations of this policy. Please see the Northgate Academy catalog to review the entire policy.

Online high school courses at Northgate Academy are asynchronous and independent study by nature, which means that students are often working through their courses independently. Our online courses are specifically designed in this format for the sake of offering a flexible, self-paced learning environment. Students requiring IEP or Special Education services often require more hands-on support, and we find that online courses are not always a good fit in this case. As such, Northgate Academy does not employ paraprofessionals for IEP or Special Education services, and we are not able to support students with learning disabilities.

Effective immediately, all written assignments, including, but not limited to: essays, case studies, and multimedia projects will be submitted to AI (Artificial Intelligence) detection, in addition to the already existing plagiarism detection. We are committed to helping all our students learn to properly paraphrase, reword, and cite sources so that they are prepared for both today’s workplace and the quickly changing workplace of the future. For more information, please see our AI Policy page

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