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Is your child in need of a make-up course or looking to get ahead for accelerated graduation opportunities? If the thought of attending online summer school is something you would consider for your child, Northgate Academy offers flexible and self-paced, online summer school courses. Why put off a family vacation, when you can take school with you on the road? You only need high-speed internet access and a laptop to complete online summer school courses at Northgate Academy. NGA offers over 100 high school courses for online summer school or credit recovery online. 

With our flexible online summer school courses, students can complete their credits while still being able to enjoy some much needed time off from traditional high school. Our online summer courses are now open for enrollment, so your child can start now and complete courses in just 6-8 weeks, or take longer if needed. Online summer school courses can also help to keep students engaged in a quality learning program and prepare for school in the fall.

Online summer school courses can really give high school students a significant head start for the next school year. We offer over thirty online courses for summer school, and we make the enrollment process simple. Contact us today and we will answer any questions you have and get your child started on the path to success. Imagine being able to take online courses while sitting by the pool, at the beach, or out on a boating trip. It is possible with Northgate Academy’s online summer school courses.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Get started today and your child will still enjoy summer while also being engaged in online courses for high school credit.

*summer school and credit recovery courses are open for enrollment all year.
If you are considering trying online school for your child, call us now (800) 339-7132for details.

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