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Need Transcripts sent to a college or employer?

If you are a student or graduate requiring official transcripts, please click here to order transcripts from Northgate Academy to be sent to a school or college.

Order Credentials from Parchment

Transferring credits to Northgate Academy?

Because you have earned it, Northgate Academy gives you full academic credit for courses that you have completed at an accredited public or private school.

High School & Homeschool Transfer Credits

To receive transfer credit, an official transcript from an accredited high school must be submitted to Northgate Academy for evaluation. Transfer credit will be awarded for comparable high school subjects when credit has been earned. Since high school programs vary from State to State, Northgate Academy will need to complete a transcript evaluation to determine the actual number of transfer credits that can be awarded toward graduation. Northgate Academy can transfer up to 75% of the required credits toward high school graduation. *NGA accepts credits earned from recognized, US accredited high schools and qualified homeschools.

Mail official transcripts to:

Northgate Academy
Office of the Registrar
601 Carlson Parkway, Suite 1250
Minnetonka, MN 55305

Phone: (763) 412-4700

Fax: (763) 412-4702

  • If you are an incoming student to Northgate Academy,  please use the TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM to have your previous transcripts sent to Northgate Academy Registrar.
  • *Please do not forward official transcripts until you are enrolled as a student. Click Here to Enroll. 
  • Northgate Academy will transfer credits from other accredited high schools, and from qualified homeschool organizations. If you have specific questions regarding credit transfer policies, please call the school office at 1-800-339-7132.
  • Click here for (FERPA) release
  • Northgate Academy requires an Educational Credential Evaluation from Scholaro for consideration of international credit transfer. Visit: Scholaro for details
  • Download Scholardo Instructions HERE

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