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Your Diploma Is Closer Than You Think!

Unlock your child's potential with Northgate Academy's flexible, affordable, and faith-based online high school programs.

At Northgate Academy, we’re dedicated to supporting your future goals, whether they lie in employment, further education, military service, or other areas. Our team provides guidance and resources for each student, including access to our academic support portal, which offers insights into career options, college admission processes, scholarships, and FAFSA guidance.

Before committing to any college or university, we advise you to reach out to their admissions office to ascertain your eligibility. Each post-secondary institution has its own set of criteria, including factors like financial aid eligibility, placement test scores, SAT or ACT performance, and more. Given that every institution has its distinctive entry requirements, we recommend liaising with admissions representatives to familiarize yourself with their specific criteria. This proactive approach ensures a seamless transition, free from unexpected hiccups.

Below you will find valuable information regarding the college enrollment & consideration process.

ACT Information & Testing Locations

Visit the ACT website for test details, location information, and resources for college planning.

SAT College Board Tests

SAT test locations and useful information for planning for college, including finding a college and financial aid. 

Federal Student Aid

Access the Federal Student Aid website for information on U.S. government grants, loans, and work-study opportunities.


The Scholarship Workshop

Search through a diverse range of scholarships options for both first-time and continuing students. 


Success Coach Corner

Student support for online learning, academic strategies, and college preparation.


College Search Engine

Use The Princeton Review's College Search Engine to find colleges tailored to your academic and personal preferences.


Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Explore the Hispanic Scholarship Fund for tailored opportunities to support your academic dreams.


GPA Calculator

Determine your academic standing swiftly with our user-friendly GPA calculator.


If your child needs to attend an online high school, you want to be sure that they have the same support services that are available in a traditional high school.

You may ask yourself how online school counseling differs from the face to face school counseling. For the most part, online counseling works the same as traditional counseling. Our dedicated staff is here to help support your child’s needs concerning life problems, course selection, and college and career planning. Counseling sessions are done by phone, email or Skype. Additionally, we welcome our local students and parents to make a personal visit with our counseling staff.

Online students have the same needs as traditional students: guidance curriculum, course planning, etc. The guidance counselors at Northgate Academy are caring and nurturing professionals that are specifically trained in working from a distance. We have the expertise to work with students from around the world and accommodate specific education, cultural and religious needs.

In addition to offering assistance with course and academic planning, we also are here to be an encourager. In a nutshell, online students have the same needs as traditional high school students. We take a personal approach to counseling and support students in their high school career.

As a high school student, you’re probably thinking about graduation and what comes next. You have some important decisions to make about your future. What are your plans after graduation? Are you planning on attending a community college or a university? Maybe a trade, technical college or the Military? What do you want to do with your life? These are just a few questions that high school students face. Finding the answers begins with choosing a satisfying career.

What Career Is Best For You?

Choosing a career is a big decision! With so many choices and so much to consider, finding the right career path is a big challenge in today’s economic climate. With so much changing with technology, jobs are ever changing. The information on this page will give you some useful tools and some valuable information to help you choose the career that’s best for you.

The first thing to consider when choosing your career path is your interest. They say that if you love your job, you will never work a day in your life. If you love your job and find it interesting, you will live a much happier life.

Your interests, strengths, and personality will play a big part in determining which careers will provide you with the most personal satisfaction. There are many online resources available to help high school students choose which careers they’re best suited.

Online career assessments give you the input to answer some questions about yourself and your interests, and then give immediate feedback about the careers that best fit your personality. Career counseling is also a useful tool in choosing a new career. We use Myplan to help students to review career options and take personality tests to determine what is best for them. All students have full access to Myplan. A post-secondary education is expensive and you will want to be sure that your investment pays off.

Your Diploma Is Closer Than You Think!

Unlock your child's potential with Northgate Academy's flexible, affordable, and faith-based online high school programs.