Why Attending Homeschool Online Is A Great Option In 2021

The world is changing. The coronavirus pandemic has created a new normal that has more people keeping their distance and avoiding groups (like school classrooms) to stay safe. Refined online learning has made remote education a viable and advantageous option for many students and their families.

In 2021, attending an online Christian homeschool is a great – and practical – option.

Here’s why:

Less Risk of Illness

One of the greatest concerns among parents and older students is COVID-19. The coronavirus is likely to continue being a problem throughout at least the first few months of 2021. Add to that the risk of flu, cold, and other common winter illnesses.

Online homeschooling may reduce the risk of illness because students learn from their homes rather than in crowded classrooms. Students still receive the quality education they need to succeed in life.

Of course, there is no sure way to avoid illness, but online learning still has an advantage for students who get sick during the school year. Work is easy to makeup, or students may be able to complete the work as usual if they feel well enough to log in and learn.

Absenteeism may be reduced because students don’t even have to leave their bedrooms to learn and complete their work.

More Time for Other Things

For most students, the school day lasts six hours. Add in a 30-minute commute both ways, and kids are spending a full workday (8 hours) on school. The question is – how much of that time is dedicated to quality learning?

With online homeschooling, many students can complete the entire days’ worth of work in just four hours (sometimes less). That leaves kids and families with more time to focus on other things. Students have time to play sports, join clubs, or expand on other skills, like music or art.

Having that extra time to focus on other skills allows students to be more well-rounded when entering college and adult life. Conventional school schedules make it difficult for students to juggle their coursework and other activities.

Less Bullying

The majority of students (90%) in grades 4-8 have been bullied or harassed. About 20% of high schoolers have dealt with bullying. The sad truth is Bullying is a growing problem in schools, and administrators are often ineffective at resolving the problem.

With homeschool online, students are removed from an environment that puts them at risk of bullying. While bullying can happen anywhere, it commonly takes place in hallways, lunchrooms, playgrounds, and bathrooms. In other words, away from watchful eyes of teachers.

With remote learning, students are never put in these situations. Interaction between students tends to be more positive because it’s focused on the content of the course.

Without the threat of bullying and the anxiety or depression associated with it, students gain confidence and thrive in their online classrooms.

More Flexibility

An online homeschool gives students more freedom and flexibility when it comes to their education. Coursework can be completed in an environment of their choosing and often on a schedule that works for their lifestyle.

Research suggests that conventional schools start too early. Students that start later in the morning are able to get more sleep and eat a healthy meal before learning – both of which may make it easier for students to retain the information they are being taught.

With online learning, students can start their day at a time that works for them and allows them to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Homeschool online offers an effective, safe, and practical learning path for students. In 2021, there is so much uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, making online learning a great choice for families concerned about the virus.

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