How COVID-19 Has Affected In-Person Schooling and Why Parents Are Choosing to Homeschool

Online Christian Homeschool

In-person schooling in 2020 and 2021 will be different. Each state and county is handling the pandemic differently. Some schools decided to take the risk and re-open normally. Other schools are starting the year remotely, while others are taking a hybrid re-opening approach that includes some in-school learning and some online learning.

Some parents are opting for online homeschool because:

  • They need consistency in their child’s education
  • The risk of COVID-19 transmission is too high

Of course, there are also some parents who prefer to send their children to an online Christian school rather than send them to public school. There’s a risk of bullying, peer pressure, and other issues with in-person schools. With online schools, these issues are less common.

COVID-19 has Changed the School Atmosphere

COVID-19 may feel like it’s been around forever, but the pandemic is still very new. Studies are just coming out, showing the true impact that the virus has had on students. One study out of Dartmouth College shows that students have experienced a significant increase in the following since the pandemic emerged:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Students are fearful of the coronavirus and going back to their normal lives. Uncertainty also exists due to the pandemic. Students are unsure if they’ll be able to:

  • Go to in-person classes
  • Participate in after-school activities
  • Spend time with friends

Masks are being worn in some schools and not others. Classroom sizes are limited in some schools to allow for enough space for social distancing.

There are also fears that schools may close due to outbreaks, and some schools are closing randomly to deep clean their facilities. The normal school schedule is changing, and a lot of in-person teachers are still trying to determine how to create an online curriculum that provides a sufficient learning experience.

Parents Prefer Online Home School

A strong, respectable online Christian school is what more parents are choosing for their children’s education. First and foremost, these schools offer the opportunity to follow teachings that also include faith-based elements.

During COVID-19, an online homeschool further allows students to have a sense of normalcy that includes the ability to:

  • Go to school at a time and schedule that works best for the student
  • Go to school using a virtual environment with no health risks involved
  • Choose a school with a proven curriculum and track record

When choosing the right online homeschool, students are able to:

  • Receive an education that is equal to or better than public school
  • Work at their own pace and take as much or little time to master a topic as possible
  • Log into class at a time that is beneficial to the student
  • Receive 1-on-1 attention and tutoring as necessary

Parents also benefit from online learning by having the ability to spend time with their children. Close bonds between children and parents can remain. There’s also the benefit of parents knowing what their child’s schedule will be from day-to-day.

Many parents are working from home, and they can continue working with fewer interruptions.

If a parent must go to work, there’s more of a standard schedule that allows parents to make the arrangements required for their children. Parents can opt for having a babysitter watch them or sending them to daycare while they’re at work.

Parents will benefit from having deeper flexibility and control over their children’s schooling. It’s possible to keep children involved in their studies and away from the negative aspects of public school, which can include peer pressure, bullying, and the stress of going to school during a pandemic.

Online homeschooling is a great option for students who want to succeed in school without the anxiety and stress of in-school learning.

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