Teaching Gratitude Through A Teacher Thank You Note

Building community among the people in your student’s life is important, and teaching them how to build community within their school and with their teachers is a skill they’ll be able to carry with them far beyond their primary and secondary academic careers. One way to build community within your child’s classroom and school is as simple as expressing gratitude for the people who’ve had a positive impact on their character and academics. 

Gratitude can be passed along through a card, a quick note, or an email. When parents express gratitude in this way, they set the tone for their children by modeling positive behaviors. And when students are taught to express gratitude, they learn how to recognize it in their own lives, leading them to a happier, more contented life. However,  figuring out what to say to an academic leader in your student’s life can sometimes be difficult, so Northgate Academy has some tips about what you can say to brighten their day and build community through gratitude.

Parent Note Examples

Below are several examples of Parent Thank You notes:

  • Thank you for the role you have played in shaping my child’s positive view of learning.
  • Thank you for the positive influence and example you demonstrated for my student.
  • I know my child can be challenging, so thank you for not giving up on them and for showing them that perseverance can pay off.
  • Thank you for inspiring my child to work hard and set positive goals.
  • You created a positive work environment for my student to excel in.
  • You helped make school a less anxious experience for my child.
  • Thank you for making your class interesting and relatable for my student.
  • Thank you for taking the time to patiently explain complicated concepts and skills for my student.

Student Note Examples

Below are several examples of Student Thank You notes:

  • Thank you for keeping me on task and making sure that I learn how to work toward a deadline.
  • Thank you for teaching me how to pay attention to details. I know that will help me in the future.
  • You have helped me evolve into a more dedicated version of myself.
  • Thank you for going the extra mile to help me understand complicated lessons.
  • Thank you for making class fun and turning lessons into a good time for everyone.
  • You challenged me to be the best version of myself.
  • I will never forget this school year and the lessons you’ve helped me learn.
  • I am a more confident student because of the support you’ve given me.

Writing a thank you note to someone you might not know very well can be tricky, but if you focus on the positive, coming up with some words of gratitude will be simpler and more sincere. 

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