How Are Students Graded At Northgate Academy?

When your student isn’t actually meeting in person with their teachers, questions can arise. One of the common questions we get at Northgate Academy is, “Does anyone actually even look at my work?” The answer is most definitely yes! Read on to learn more about how students at Northgate Academy are graded!

Instructors & Your Questions

One part of your progress that your instructors take a look at are your questions about the content and your quizzes. If you email your instructor a question about the content you’re studying, they’re going to respond because they are, indeed, human beings! Be sure to keep that in mind if you are struggling with any of the ideas or concepts covered in lessons. You can always ask for clarification to help you better approach your quizzes and essays.

Speaking of quizzes, if you ever have a question about a quiz answer, you can reach out to your instructor about that, too. The best way to reach an instructor is through email, so send them an email from inside the course, and they’ll get back to you to make sure you fully understand the answer.

Instructors & Your Essays

Your essays are being read – every word of them! Your instructor reads your work and then gives you comments either directly in the essay or off to the side in the comments section. Additionally, each of your essays is scored using a detailed rubric. They use the rubric’s guidance to determine where your work falls on the spectrum of points. Between the comments related to your essay and the rubric, you can learn how to improve your writing for the next submission or the next written assignment. If you need help figuring out what the specific comments mean, you can always email them for clarification, too!

Success Coaches & Your Progress

On top of all the work your instructors do to make sure you understand your coursework, your success coaches are also checking your progress. You can always check in with them to make sure you’re on track to finish by your deadline, get some helpful tips for online classes, or talk with them about your post-graduation plans. They are available by email, but you can also see if they have time for a phone call by scheduling one with them via email as well. 

It’s always nice to know that someone is checking in on your progress, is willing to give you the feedback you need to improve, and is around to answer any questions you may have. Being an online student doesn’t mean you’re going it alone! We’re here to help you learn from mistakes and successes, so reach out to your instructors and success coaches for whatever you might need.

About Northgate Academy

If you’re not already a student at Northgate Academy but are interested in using our faith-based online high school program as an accredited choice for your Christian student, you can check out our programs online. Still have questions? Feel free to send us a text at 763-412-4701 or call us at 800-339-7132. Our academic support team will be happy to answer your questions or help guide you to the best program for you or your child.

Northgate Academy Welcomes Everyone

We have a unique community of online learners from all over the world. We have students that chose to attend high school online due to social problems, large classroom size, conflicting beliefs concerning the educational process, and bullying. Maybe you just don’t share the values taught at the public schools. We have athletes, performers, military and ex-pats students; as well as international students that have chosen to earn an American, accredited high school diploma online. Students love the ability to attend a Christian school online according to their schedule and pace.

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