5 Reasons To Study A Foreign Language In High School

World languages are often required for high school graduation, but even without a requirement, learning a second language can provide you with plenty of benefits to make it worthwhile. Northgate Academy expects college bound students to take at least two years of foreign language credits, but we also recognize the benefit of studying a second language for reasons other than college admissions. Whether you’re planning to attend college, sign up for military service, or move right into a career, learning a world language can help you in ways you might not have thought of, so here are five reasons to study a foreign language in high school.

Academic Benefits

Your first reason might be an obvious one. Studies have found that bilingual students are better at problem solving and analytical thinking. No matter what your future holds, you’ll have to be a decent problem solver to make it on your own, and a lot of issues some students have in high school can be alleviated with some decent problem solving skills. Having an extra boost in your analytical thinking skills will set you apart from the crowd, too, helping you increase your ability to figure things out on your own. Learning a new language also improves focus and memory, so hopefully you can see how that could benefit your academics! As a result of fluency in a second language, studies also have shown that students’ abilities in math and English improve.

College Admissions

If you plan on attending college, then you can’t get around the fact that some colleges and universities require students to have at least two years of a world language for admission into their school. Why is that? Learning a second language shows diversity of skill and fluency in a second language shows commitment. The world isn’t as large as it was when your grandparents were coming up, and it’s even smaller than when your parents were growing up, too. Since post-secondary education wants to see successful students graduate, they want to be sure their students have the well-rounded education that learning a language provides, preparing them for the world outside of academics.

Empathy & Understanding

Part of the benefits of learning another language is that while you do so, you also learn about another culture. When you become more aware of the traditions and lives of people living within a different culture than yours, that helps you relate to others. If you want to be able to connect with other people, then it’s important to have a sense of empathy for and understanding about them. You also have the chance to become more insightful about others and the world because learning a new language trains students to have enhanced listening skills. Not only will you leave your study of language with more cultural awareness and understanding, but you’ll be able to apply your improved listening skills to communicating with everyone you meet.

A Smaller World

One fun benefit of studying a world language is that it can make international travel easier. From study abroad opportunities to simply being able to speak another language online, you have the chance to meet people from around the globe. For the rest of your life, you will be able to travel to many countries around the world and have confidence in your ability to communicate with the people you meet, making connections with people along the way.

Professional Benefits

Though it might feel far off, you will be working in a full time job sooner than you realize.  Many positions prefer job candidates who are bilingual, and of course, there are plenty of positions that require second language fluency. We are living in a world economy, so being fluent in any world language provides you with a distinct advantage in the job market.  In fact, 4 out of 5 new US jobs are as a result of foreign trade, so having a second language at your disposal is a distinct advantage whether you’re studying for a career after college, joining the military, or jumping right into the job market.

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