Understanding Your Learning Style

The newest educational theory aligns student learning with four main learning styles. Discovering what your learning style is can help you understand how you can get the most out of your academic experience at Northgate Academy. Neil Fleming’s VARK model of Student Learning is the most accepted learning style theory in current educational theory. 

The acronym VARK is a clever way to remember the different learning styles:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Reading and Writing
  • Kinesthetic

Most students are a combination of these four types of learners. If you’re interested in learning what combination of learning styles works best for you, check out The VARK Questionnaire. You might be surprised about what you find out!

Visual Learners

Visual learners prefer the use of images, maps, and graphic organizers when they’re presented with new information. Online learning is beneficial for some students because of the visual aspects of learning from a webpage rather than an in-person classroom. The graphics, charts, additional videos, or digital images in online courses are great for this type of learner. Additionally, because student notes are so important for online learners, they can create whatever type of notes work best for them using charts, graphic organizers, or other visuals to help them make sense of new information. 

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners acquire new information best through listening and speaking. Homeschooled or online students can use software to have their lessons read to them to help them learn more easily. Additionally, it’s important for auditory learners to take the time to explain what they’ve learned to their family members or friends. This activity solidifies their course content in their minds. They get the benefit of hearing their own explanations while they chit-chat with their family members.

Reading & Writing Learners

Students who learn best through reading and writing prefer learning through words. Online courses are amazing for this type of learner. Not only do they excel at reading their online content from their courses, but their notes are a fantastic learning tool for them as well. Essays are a wonderful opportunity for reading and writing learners to demonstrate the depth of their understanding. Often, reading the writing learners would rather avoid having to participate in visual or auditory learning, so sticking with the words on the course page will be the most beneficial for them.

Kinesthetic Learners

Students who are kinesthetic learners often thrive in an online or homeschooled learning environment because the flexibility of the schedule allows them to take breaks, move around, exercise whenever they need to, and do their schoolwork outdoors or in various rooms. Since they won’t have as many opportunities to learn through tactile representations with their online learning, that’s an important factor. Additionally, kinesthetic learners often find much more time to explore the world around them hands-on because online coursework takes less time than a traditional brick-and-mortar school environment. They might not have as much opportunity to do hands-on experiments in a classroom, but they have far more opportunity to job shadow, spend time outside exploring nature, and visit museum and historical sites. 

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