Transitioning from Traditional School to Online School

The transition to online schooling can test the patience of even the most understanding and hands-on parent. Some schools are transitioning due to public health concerns while some parents are deciding that online homeschooling is the right choice for their child.

It’s a major change to shift from a public or other traditional school because there are no buses, teachers taking in-person attendance, or supervisors calling if students miss school.

Online school takes more responsibility and diligence on part of both the student and the parent, but it also offers a slew of benefits. If your child is making the transition from a traditional school to an online school, these tips can help.

5 Tips to Transition from a Traditional to Online School


1. Create a Dedicated Working Space

Schools have desks, dedicated seating, and classrooms because these conventions allow a student to open up their textbooks and notebooks and begin class rapidly. Just like a person needs a space in the workplace, students need a dedicated work space for online school.

You’ll want to keep a desk or table open that your child can use for their school work,

Laptops or computers, even if they’re shared with others in the household, should be set aside specifically for the student’s learning. They need these tools for their classwork, and having to clamor to find them is never a good option.

2. Turn Off Phones and Other Distractions

Kids are on their smartphones and tablets too often. With no physical teachers to reprimand them, students will stay on social media or other websites instead of paying attention to their online instruction.

As a parent, you have options to block certain websites or activities during certain times of the day.

Parental controls on both a computer and smartphone can help kids stay on track with their coursework and not get distracted by friends messaging them on Snapchat or Instagram.

3. Scheduling Time for School

Online school offers freedom, especially if you use a platform like we do at Northgate Academy. Some schools do maintain their rigid schedules when they go online, which can hinder the learning experience and make it more difficult for students to acclimate to their new learning environment.

If you want to have a smooth transition, you need to schedule in time for school – there’s no way around it.

Schedules may be able to be altered depending on the online school, but this will vary from one school to the next. We recommend that parents and students sit down together and discuss a routine that includes:

  • School start times
  • Studying times

You may need to set alarms and reminders for your child to ensure their success. We find that the hardest part of online school is accountability. Scheduling helps keep kids accountable and logging into their online portals to attend class.

4. Monitor Your Kid’s Learning and Help When Possible

Online school takes time to get accustomed to for people of all ages. Parents should sit down with their children often and offer help when they can. Kids learn in different ways, and while many excel online, others struggle at first.

You can avoid many of the initial hiccups of online school by making sure that you’re ready and waiting to help your child.

5. Find Ways for Kids to Socialize

Social activity is one of the key elements of school that children miss the most. When a young person attends school online, they’ll miss the laughs and fond memories that they would have had with in-person courses.

One way to allow your child to remain a part of the community and to have friends is to find ways to socialize.

Kids should be engaged in activities that interest them, such as:

  • After-school clubs and programs
  • Sports
  • Camp

Socialization is going to be important for your child to learn key communication and social skills. While not a part of online learning directly, finding ways to keep your kids social is equally as important.

Transitioning with Northgate Academy

Northgate Academy was named as the Top 100 Educational resource in 2018 by and our resources keep advancing to make the transition from traditional to online school.

As an online Christian homeschool, we offer a streamlined process to begin homeschooling online, including:

  • Homeschool credit awarding to ensure students are up to pace
  • Fast and efficient enrollment so kids can begin their online courses the next day
  • Online classes available 24/7 to students
  • Digital textbooks are available immediately upon signing up
  • Full academic support if it’s needed
  • Proven course curriculum to help students transition to online learning

Public school offers a fast-paced learning environment that caters to the masses. Homeschooling offers students the ability to learn at their own pace so that they can confidently pass their classes, graduate and go to college if they wish.

Homeschooling provides a robust learning environment without the rigid time schedule of a public school.

Northgate Academy Welcomes Everyone

We have a unique community of online learners from all over the world. We have students that chose to attend high school online due to social problems, large classroom size, conflicting beliefs concerning the educational process, and bullying. Maybe you just don’t share the values taught at the public schools. We have athletes, performers, military and ex-pats students; as well as international students that have chosen to earn an American, accredited high school diploma online. Students love the ability to attend a Christian school online according to their schedule and pace.

If you are ready to get started, why not Enroll Now?