Switching Homeschool Curriculum Mid-Year

Have you been trying a new curriculum because everyone recommended it, but you’re not sure you’ve made the right decision?

Perhaps you had a great curriculum ready for your kids, and you were excited about starting the new school year. However, a few weeks later, you feel like this curriculum is not working out like you expected.

While you might feel reluctant to switch homeschool curriculum in the middle of the year, taking a step back might be the best decision. Reviewing the curriculum and your children’s progress is quite important. The idea is to give your children the best education possible, and changing the curriculum mid-year might just be what they need to be more successful.

To help you decide whether you should make the switch during the school year, Northgate Academy has listed below some of the main reasons why homeschooling parents, including you, might need to change curriculum in the middle of the school-year.

Your Children Aren’t Learning

Children all learn differently, and different approaches will have different effects on them. If a curriculum isn’t working out for your children, it might be a good idea to switch your curriculum. Some of the most popular homeschool curriculum options are based on a classical, rather rigid, method that favors reading and logic. Other options are more flexible, allowing children to learn at their own pace with more emphasis placed on creativity.

Depending on your children’s needs and preferences, you might find that one specific curriculum isn’t exactly suited to your kids. This can result in the inability to retain concepts and a sudden aversion to schoolwork. On the other hand, a different option where the curriculum approaches the same concepts differently (using baby steps, for instance), might prompt better outcomes.

The key takeaway is that if your children aren’t learning, you should always review the curriculum at some point during the year and consider switching. Sometimes the answer you’re looking for is more obvious than it seems.

Your Children Don’t Like the Curriculum

One of the major benefits of homeschooling is the fact that you are able to change curriculum in the middle of the year. If what you’re doing isn’t working, change what you’re doing. Since you are the teacher, you can research more suitable educational material and ensure your children enjoy school at the same time.

If your children don’t like the curriculum you’ve picked or show a lack of interest, it might be time to trade out the educational support that you’re using. Choosing to stick to the same curriculum has the potential to further distance your child from their education.

Another scenario prompting you to switch curriculum mid-year could be that you don’t like the material yourself. You might not find it teaching-friendly and struggle to harness the method or approach. This, in turn, can make it difficult for you to teach effectively.  In the end, having a teacher who is comfortable with the material can impact your children’s ability to learn as much as their own attitudes toward the curriculum.

The Lessons Aren’t Challenging Enough

If the curriculum you’ve chosen for a particular subject is composed of lessons that are not challenging enough, you may want to switch to something better suited. This will ensure that they don’t get bored with their lessons and will instead continue to be engaged. After all, teaching more challenging concepts and pushing your children to do better is the best way to stimulate their brains.

However, note that the opposite is also true. If the lessons are too challenging and the themes or concepts a bit too sophisticated, this might deter your children from learning. As a result, switching curriculum mid-year can have tremendous benefits as it allows you to adjust the level of complexity according to your children’s needs.

Your Family Lifestyle Has Changed

Major lifestyle changes such as the birth of a baby, a move, or a job change, can completely alter your schedule. Therefore, if the curriculum no longer fits your schedule, you’ll need to adjust it. In some cases, this might mean switching to a different curriculum. For example, you might opt for a morning-intensive curriculum if you suddenly need to work during the afternoons. In conclusion, new changes during the school year might be necessary to ensure your kids keep learning.

Besides, as your kids grow, the way they need you to teach them might evolve. Younger children need more attention and might enjoy combined learning. On the other hand, teens might prefer to work independently, so choosing an appropriate curriculum that allows for independent learning might be a better choice.

You Need to Switch Things Up

If you’ve had a few kids and have been using the same curriculum repeatedly, you might feel a bit bored. That’s okay! Being an effective teacher relies on you feeling engaged in the lessons as well. While using the same books and programs might make sense financially, it can also prevent you from teaching your children as effectively as possible.

In order for you to teach effectively, you need to be interested in the material. As a result, changing the curriculum can prove to be a great way to inject a breath of fresh air into your homeschooling routine.

We hope this article has shed some light on why switching homeschool curriculum mid-year might benefit your children. Are you currently exploring curriculum options for your children online? At Northgate Academy, we strive to provide the best educational material to our students to ensure their success. Get in touch here to discuss our different programs.

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