How Northgate Academy Balances Academics & Spiritual Development

You want your Christian student to gain a solid academic foundation for whatever their future holds, but how do you make sure that happens when they attend a Christian school? At Northgate Academy, our goal is to find the perfect balance between a rigorous academic experience that will prepare your child for anything they want to do in the future along with solid Christ-based themes in lessons. What does that balance look like with Northgate Academy?


The first important factor that NGA values is our accreditation. Our high school diploma will allow your student to attend any college or university they want to attend, whether it is a faith-centered or state school. If your students wants to graduate high school and attend college with the goal in mind to be a doctor, then they can do that using their NGA high school diploma. If they would like to join the U.S. military service, they can do that, too, with their accredited diploma. If they want to attend a Christian college, they’ll have both the academic and faith foundation to be successful.

Core Classes

Because we value both academics and faith, our core classes focus heavily on the content. For example, our English courses focus on finding the best readings possible for your student to graduate with a well-rounded view of literature. This means that although not all literature is specifically faith-based, we still include important Christ-centered readings from devotionals, Christian authors, and the Bible when it best benefits our students’ skills. We don’t want any love of reading crushed by forcing your child to only read literature from the 1800s like so many Christian programs, so we’ve done our best to include writing that they can relate to from modern Christian authors in addition to many others. Another important example includes our math courses. They focus on math as the primary skill. That means that although the examples are not centered around Biblical principles that might distract from the mathematical concepts, your student is gaining a well-rounded and detailed mathematical education. 

When it comes to your students’ core classes, our priority centers around the content and the skills your students needs to be successful in whatever they do in the future. You want your child to grow in their faith, but you also want them to leave school with the academic foundation that will allow them not to miss a beat in college or their career.

Elective Courses

Our courses really shine when it comes to electives. Your student has the opportunity to dive more deeply into their faith through many optional elective courses. They can study through courses like The Book of Revelations or Jesus and His Followers. Your student can dive deeply into the Kings of Israel or Bible Doctrines. We have a variety of specifically faith-based courses that will allow your child to grow as a Christian and develop a deeper relationship with God.

We also offer a large variety of STEM and career-exploration electives. Although these are not specifically faith-based, Northgate families value what they have to offer their children because of the exposure to potential careers they provide their children. Your student can learn about Marine Biology and can learn American Sign Language as their second language. They can study a variety of business courses like Introduction to Business and Finance. They can take Forensics or Sports Science. The list of our elective courses is extensive because we want your child to have the opportunity for a sneak peak into whatever career path they might be interested in.

Academic Success Coaches

Your student’s Academic Success Coach will also be someone who understands both their academic and spiritual needs. This means that they will be able to guide your student into the best classes for them and whatever they plan to do with their future. You can rest assured in the knowledge that your student’s Academic Success Coach will value Northgate’s statement of faith that “the Bible is the Word of God” and will believe in “the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 

About Northgate Academy

If you’re not already a student at Northgate Academy but you’re interested in using our faith-based online high school program as an accredited choice for your Christian student, your Christian school, or as a resource for homeschool coursework, you can check out our programs online. We welcome and support our part-time students too. Every full-time student at NGA is assigned an Academic Success Coach and can communicate with subject matter experts via email or reach out to our staff through online chat and text.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a text at 763-412-4701 or call us at 800-339-7132. Our academic support team will be happy to answer your questions or help guide you to the best program for you or your child.

Northgate Academy Welcomes Everyone

We have a unique community of online learners from all over the world. We have students that chose to attend high school online due to social problems, large classroom size, conflicting beliefs concerning the educational process, and bullying. Maybe you just don’t share the values taught at the public schools. We have athletes, performers, military and ex-pats students; as well as international students that have chosen to earn an American, accredited high school diploma online. Students love the ability to attend a Christian school online according to their schedule and pace.

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