Homeschooling As A Single Parent

Time is the most important commodity in a single parent’s life. You know that making the most of the time you have is essential. The balancing act is a serious one, and you know how important every decision is as you navigate parenting alone. You’ve got a lot on your shoulders, so is homeschooling really the best choice? At Northgate Academy, we answer you with a resounding “Yes!”  

If you’ve been contemplating homeschooling or already are in the thick of it, we’ve got services and strategies to help you along the way. Here are the tips we’ve learned throughout our work with families that can either help you make the decision or clear the path for you as you navigate homeschooling as a single parent:

  • Tap into a support system,
  • Simplify life by using an online curriculum provider,
  • Focus on positive experiences.

Tapping Into A Support System

Your first step for homeschooling as a single parent is to recognize that a support system is essential. You’re not alone! All homeschool families need supportive resources to help them in this journey. Here are a few resources that might be helpful:

Northgate Academy provides many built-in resources with enrollment into our online programs. Students who are enrolled full-time are provided with the following benefits:

  • Academic Success Coach – This is your contact at NGA to keep track of your student’s progress in their courses, guide them about college preparation, and keep open communication with you about any of your students or your own needs as you work through online schooling.
  • Train the Brain Tutoring – Every full-time student at Northgate Academy has unlimited online tutoring with content-area experts. You sign up for sessions online, confirm the appointment online, and show up online and at your convenience.
  • Support Tickets and Online Chat – Students and parents can submit online support tickets with any questions or concerns about their program or curriculum. Our team will respond during our normal business hours and give you the service you deserve.
  • Access to Instructors – Students’ instructors are only an email away. Our instructors should respond within one business day to help support your student by clarifying assignments or explaining content.
  • Parent Portal – You will have access to the content in your student’s courses as well as their course progress. You can even sign up for notifications so that you know when your child completes assignments and what their results are as soon as they submit the work.

Homeschooling should not be a “go it alone” situation for you. Reaching out to resources and knowing when you need help is essential for a successful, positive experience.

Use An Online Curriculum Provider

We all agree that time is precious as a single parent. Whether you’re thinking about homeschooling or are already teaching your children at home, doing your research to find an appropriate homeschool curriculum for your child is an important step in making sure you’re prepared. You want to feel safe in your decision about the content you’ll teach your children, but you also know there are realities about the time you have to spend creating curriculum, scoring, and keeping accurate records.

Selecting an online curriculum can simplify your life so that you can focus working one-on-one with your children while learning more about them as they grow. Northgate offers both full-time programs and a chance to select individual courses that you can supplement with your own special content. The choice is yours. Our accreditation is accepted nationwide, so you can feel secure in enrolling your children with Northgate. We are transparent about our mission, so you know right away if our values match those of you and your family. 

When you select an online program, you can focus your precious time on creating positive experiences for your family rather than curriculum, grading, and record-keeping.

Focus On Positive Experiences

In order to make the most of homeschooling, you have the focus yourself on the right mindset. You have a lot of responsibilities as a solo-parent, so sometimes feeling overwhelmed can overtake all the positive experiences you are having. Homeschool families have a lot to celebrate!

Homeschooling offers a beautiful opportunity for you to get to know your child on a deeper level. You’ll find out what motivates them best and how they learn best, along with all the intricacies that make them the special human being you love. 

In order to keep those positive experiences at the forefront of your mind, you might have to manage your expectations of both yourself and your student. Remind yourself that you are only one person. It’s okay to allow yourself some leeway. Your goal is long-term. As long as you are helping your child grow up to be a problem-solver, a self-learner, and a critical thinker, you’re making progress that many students never achieve.

Keep your homeschooling a positive experience by keeping a flexible schedule. You can do lessons in the evenings and weekends, in the morning, or only in the afternoons. Northgate Academy offers twelve full months for students to complete a grade level because we know a flexible schedule is important for families who are educating their children at home. Your student will benefit from flexibility, too. Do they work better early or later in the day? The ability to tailor your schedule to your and your child’s needs is definitely a positive!

Give your children the same grace you need to give yourself as a single parent. Homeschooling offers your student the chance to explore their interests, take a day off when they need it, or focus on their studies heavily a few days a week and get involved in other activities on other days. You know best when they’re getting burned out or need a break or activity day; that’s where grace comes in! Homeschool parents can modify the expectations of academics to tend to their child’s needs. When you have the freedom to adjust your student’s academic schedule, you will have the blessing of watching them bloom before your eyes.

We at Northgate have seen the benefits our families experience from online homeschool academics. Feel free to contact us Monday through Friday, 8 to 5, at 800-339-7132 to discuss your options. Enrollment is easy, so if you’re ready to take the first steps toward this exciting experience, enroll online today!

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