Military Enlistment

Online High School for Military Enlistment

Students attending Northgate Academy fall into three categories:

Full-time high school age students seeking a high school diploma

Part-time high school age students seeking make-up credits

Adult high school age students (18+) seeking a high school diploma

Students planning to join the US Military should be aware of specific educational guidelines that must be followed to be eligible for enlistment. Northgate Academy is an accredited, Tier 1 high school. This is the same status as traditional public high schools and qualifies graduates for enlistment.

Full and part-time students must be enrolled at Northgate Academy for a minimum of 90-days, or one full semester to meet attendance guidelines. In addition to the 90-day attendance/enrollment requirement, students can earn a 21.5 Standard High School Diploma or a 24-credit College Prep diploma to be eligible for Military enlistment.

The military wants recruits to demonstrate stability, seat time, and commitment. Students that demonstrate they have the discipline and motivation to do what’s expected of them when assigned, are good candidates for the Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce, and Coast Guard. The best option for students considering a career in the Military is to complete an official high school diploma program and qualify for Tier 1 enlistment.

Please contact the school admissions office or counseling office for more information if you are considering enlisting in the military at (800) 339-7132 or (763) 412-4701.

NOTE: An accredited high school diploma alone does not guarantee enlistment. The military reviews a number of factors including academic history, ASVAB test scores, results from recruiter interviews and pre-enlistment physicals, and many other factors that may play a part in the enlistment process.