100 Reasons To Homeschool

Although homeschooling has always been an option, it’s been in the spotlight especially since the COVID pandemic.  Since the revitalized interest for parents to teach their children at home, many others wonder why?  Why would parents or guardians take on this labor of love?  Families choose to homeschool for any number of reasons. Here are 100 reasons from Northgate Academy about people choose to homeschool their children. These reasons are in no particular order, but they might help you understand the “Why” about homeschooling.

  1. Children can work at their own pace.
  2. Parents can tailor their child’s studies to their interests.
  3. Your child is tired of the bullying from peers.
  4. Parents are a better influence for moral education than peers.
  5. You’re okay when your child needs to fidget; other schools are not.
  6. Homeschooled children are more confident.
  7. Your student wants to have more time to be involved in community organizations.
  8. You can take educational trips to museums and zoos without the crowds.
  9. Homeschoolers learn how to be curious.
  10. Your child needs to learn outside environments of test-driven schooling.
  11. Many homeschooled children are happier.
  12. Homeschooled children have time to create their own experiments or research projects.
  13. Parents have concerns about their children’s safety in traditional schools.
  14. They can take the breaks they need without hassle.
  15. You can vacation as a family whenever it works for you.
  16. You want to know that your child’s needs are being met.
  17. Your child is tired of negative peer pressure.
  18. There’s no need to have the same rigid day to day schedule.
  19. Parents have more opportunity to teach them through real-life lessons.
  20. You don’t want your child to be just another student who “falls through the cracks.”
  21. Your child needs a flexible yearly schedule.
  22. Homeschoolers have time to explore career options.
  23. Your child excels with educational experience for mastery, not for grades.
  24. Your child needs more opportunities for creativity and imagination.
  25. There’s more time to teach your children practical life skills.
  26. Your child is bored at school.
  27. Your student needs to work at a faster pace.
  28. Your child needs more time to just play.
  29. The constant distractions of traditional school are eliminated, freeing up a lot of time.
  30. Homeschooled students know how to be self-teachers.
  31. Parent know their child’s strengths and can help reinforce them.
  32. You don’t want your child having to walk through metal detectors or being patted down by security guards as they walk in the building.
  33. Homeschooling is more like a college setting.
  34. Your student works better with one-on-one learning.
  35. Parents have more time to share the lessons they’ve learned throughout their lives.
  36. Your family has to frequently relocate, and you want to give them a stable academic history.
  37. You want your child to learn your family’s home language and keep it.
  38. You want your culture represented in your child’s academics.
  39. Your student wants to learn how to find their own identity, not the identity of the group or the culture of the school.
  40. Your child needs more time outside in nature.
  41. Homeschooling is a great opportunity for parents to get to know their child on a deeper level.
  42. You want your child to learn how they learn best every day, not just sometimes.
  43. Homeschooled young people know how to be innovative thinkers.
  44. You want your child to be able to mature as they naturally mature without outside pressure to grow up too fast.
  45. Your child is not exposed to sickness every hour of every day.
  46. Homeschoolers get their needed sleep.
  47. Parents know their child’s weaknesses and can help them learn how to overcome them.
  48. Homeschoolers tend to have more mature and responsible behaviors.
  49. Your readers have a chance to read as much as they like.
  50. Homeschooled students learn fantastic time-management skills.
  51. Your child does not excel in a restricted physical environment.
  52. Homeschooled children experience learning every day of the year.
  53. Your child can spend more time travelling to see extended family.
  54. You don’t want your child to be sexualized by current culture.
  55. You child needs to eliminate the anxiety of crowded schools.
  56. Homeschooled children have the freedom to eat when then need to, not when the schedule dictates.
  57. Your child has no more negative experiences with unkind or disinterested teachers.
  58. Your kids can spend more time exploring other interests.
  59. Your child has health issues that require a more flexible schedule.
  60. Homeschooled children tend to perform well academically.
  61. You don’t want your child’s age group to determine their social experiences.
  62. Your family wants more bonding time.
  63. Your child’s ideas will be listened to, empowering them.
  64. Sibling bonds become even stronger.
  65. Homeschoolers have the opportunity to explore who they are without fear of others’ reactions.
  66. Your student wants to graduate early.
  67. You want your child to have the freedom to use the bathroom whenever they need to without  having to wait for permission first.
  68. Your student needs autonomy.
  69. You can teach your student to have an attitude of service.
  70. You’re uncomfortable with your school district’s politically charged curriculum.
  71. Your child wants to start their own business.
  72. You don’t want your child to fall into the poor academic outcomes due to institutional racism and discipline policies that result in disproportionate disciplinary statistics.
  73. You want to embed your religious beliefs in their academic life.
  74. Your younger children have the opportunity to learn more from their older siblings.
  75. Teens can homeschool and work more than peers.
  76. There are no more crazy, stressful mornings.
  77. Your child wants to compete on an elite sports’ team.
  78. Your child can choose when they need to take time for mindfulness.
  79. There’s more support now for homeschooled families than ever before.
  80. You get to spend quality time with your young people.
  81. You want to avoid negative influences of random peers in crowded public schools.
  82. They don’t have to do busy work to fill a set amount of government ordained time.
  83. Kids can give input about their curriculum.
  84. Parents know more about their children’s learning styles than anyone else.
  85. You want to give your student with ADHD the environment they work best in.
  86. Your family understands the benefits of educational freedom.
  87. Your child will have less exposure to underage drinking and smoking.
  88. Parents get to experience the joy of seeing their children “get it” when learning new concepts.
  89. You want your child to be compared to themselves, not a grade level of student their own age.
  90. Homeschoolers are life-long learners.
  91. Behavioral problems are dealt with by the person who knows and loves them most in the world.
  92. Parents can be there to support their children.
  93. You value your child’s ability to think for themselves.
  94. Homeschoolers have more time for their hobbies.
  95. You can teach your child the skills of being a good human, not just academics.
  96. You want to be able to adapt to your child’s academic needs from hour to hour or day to day.
  97. Homeschooled children learn how to challenge assumptions.
  98. You don’t want your child to be stuck with a label.
  99. Homeschooling allows children to eat at a natural pace without rushing.
  100. 100.A student’s natural sleep pattern can be followed.

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